Project: Eis Tin Poli
Location: Istambul

October 2015, Ctrl+ Competitio- Finalist

Iñigo Esteban Marina, Carlos Gamarra Cortina, Galo Sanchez Sanchez & Carlota Álvarez Guzmán


Trade has always marked the path towards the Bosphorus polis.
It ́s no coincidence that this geographical border has been taken by a city that has served as meeting point between people of both continents, nor is it that the main public spaces have been transformed into areas dedicated to commerce.
A city planning forged by the influence of every possible city has kept on transforming itself overcoming its citizens continuous changes.

With the intention of capturing the rhythm and life of Istanbul, we have attempted to blur the limits imposed by the fixed plots by unifying the whole public space in one same context, respecting every existing cultural element that the city has to offer. We believe therefore necessary the need of prevailing the cultural heritage granted not only by the city but also by its countrys citizens.

The project, in its core essence, borrows the preexisting elements and forms with them a new character. The volume the dome holds becomes a landmark in the area and transforms the facade into a filter that doesn ́t unveil its content until the whole public space has been crossed. The market takes over the street, while the rest of floors use their space for other city activities and the inner square marked by the dome ́s base.

The perspective from where it has been projected allows several necessary solutions for a sustainable performance. Taking advantage of the climatic conditions and using strategical ventilation points and conserving energy are essential conditions in a light architecture which doesn ́t waste its resources.

Redefining a city that finds itself as a market.